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My Big "6"

First, great work from everyone that submitted their application. After reviewing the apps I felt that one "app" alone can not improve the following:
People with disabilities had an unemployment rate of 12.5% compared to 7.6% for their non-disabled peers.
Being a disable person myself I have found that many employers or individuals have a wrong perception about the disable people and have over look their courage and passion to contribute for the betterment of man/woman kind in any way possible.

With that being said, I feel that the combination of the following applications will definitely be a good start:

- Hire Gauge - Educating employers on the benefits
-Access Big Apple - Mobile Transportation Info For The Disable
-ACCDC API - Promoting Accessibility Platform accross corporations
-Access Jobs & Hire Disable - Ease of use and expedite open opportunities
- Access Technology- Skills Assessment Technology
-YesGain - Alliance of all people sharing knowledge

The above are my big "6" because it addresses major concerns for the disable people and bring forward visibility.

The rest of the applications are great tools that will further aid this cause.


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    Thanks Frank. About Yesgain, we are live and helping lots of people. We starts getting lots of interest from people. We built Yesgain way before this contest begins. Thanks for the motivation. We are here to help American get back to work.

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