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Priming the pump

In the words of many other award winners, it really is an honor just to be nominated.

At Think Beyond the Label, we believe the DOL's contest is a great way to bring visibility to innovative thinking in this space. A lot of solutions are needed, and many hands make light work. We hope this contest "primes the pump" for future innovations that improve employment and career outcomes for the diverse spectrum of jobseekers with disabilities.

In all, we are delighted to participate in ventures such as these where 'everybody wins.'

Best of luck to everyone who threw their hat in the ring, and inspiration (and a kick in the pants) to those who didn't.

Your friends at thinkbeyondthelabel.com


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    Well said Jill...

    This is not about 'winning'.. a contest... this is about the children and adults with disabilities that are being supported by every entry here:) There are no 'bad' entries. All of us need to be proud of what we offer and of the fact that we made a decision to use our talents to help people with disabilities. For me, this is about my children.. and all the hundreds of wonderful people with disabilities that seek employment (identity) and independence in their lives. I'm confident that the feeling is similar for all involved in this effort.. voters... entries, and those sponsoring the contest in the first place. When winners are announced, let's all applaud the efforts of all of us. Let's try and work together, as Jill stated, to get all of these supports to the people that need them:) "Many hands make light work" should be the theme for us all... again.. thanks Jill! Let's use each other to 'market' our entries:) Let's join forces and put these differing approaches to this problem to work and make a dent in the stunning statistic posed as the premis of this contest:) Let's join our networks, because we all understand that for all the benefits our entries provide, there are costs (sometimes massive costs) associated with each of our efforts... no support can remain available without meeting those costs so again... we don't compete... we are all seeking the same outcomes and all those votes/followers voted so our ideas can remain available to those that need them.

    No matter the outcome or "winner" in any category... I'm proud to be a part of this competition and I will not feel bad for even a second should our entry receive no official 'Prize' because $10,000. dollars will go toward an effort that will help my children.. your children and the thousands of people who every day, just want the chance to show the world what they can do.

    I hope some of you will maintain contact after this 'competition' is over... I'm robert@agileassyst.com

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    Well Said. I built Yesgain.com way before this competition for the purpose of helping others to gain/share knowledges. Good luck everyone.

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    We are very happy to see this thread in the discussions. The team behind Access Jobs believes that IT can (and should) be used as a force multiplier for disadvantaged persons. We strive to achieve universal accessibility and general usability in all of our products. In addition, we are always looking for potential partners and learning opportunities, so we hope that we may stay in touch once the challenge is closed.

    I can be reached at smcleod@devis.com. In addition, I am a member of the Web Accessibility and Web 2.0 Accessibility groups on LinkedIn.

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    We completely agree and are always looking for new ways to use IT to help build the networks between businesses and job candidates with disabilities. To that end, we are hosting the Think Beyond the Label Online Career fair on October 16th. This virtual career fair will give businesses and job seekers with disabilities a chance to connect, online and in real-time. To learn more visit our online career platform - http://www.brazenconnect.com/event/thinkbeyondthelabel. Please feel free share this link with anyone you know - business or job seeker - who might be interested in participating.

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