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Interested to know next steps

This is a great initiative by DOL and kudos to all the participants for putting their time and effort to come up with such solutions. I am very interested to find out what are the next steps? How is DOL planning on using these apps for the disabled?


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    I have 4 children with Fragile-X Syndrome and I created my website on a whim. I'm not a super geek but I am fairly technical. I started out simply then realized how sparse and disconnected the information is for hiring people with a disability so I thought I'd create a central location for national, state and local resources. I'm in contact with national organizations, state and local governments trying to improve the information that I have on my website. I'm also pursuing companies and organizations.

    I've also includied a 'Fun Facts' section fror each state to help educate people about our 50 states hoping that they will come back to my website and also keep updated on changes for hiring people with disabilities.

    Even if the DOL does nothing with these entries (I believe they will), I will continue improving my website and continue to communicate with all companies, organizations, states and local governements to make resources more accessible to workers and employers.

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    This is definitely a good start from DOL. They should act like Techcrunch here and really help these startups lift off. It should not be a one and done deal but rather a commitment to help with a round of funding, networking and advice on how these startups can reach their potential. I know a lot of these startups are more driven by a cause and not really in it for the money, but for them to move the needle and really help the world, they need help, support and funding and I think DOL can really make a positive impact here.

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    Hello everyone,

    Thank you very much for your great feedback and ideas. The Department of Labor will showcase all winners in its open vovernment website located at www.dol.gov/open once the contest has concluded. We will also issue a press release and have an awards ceremony honoring the winners and all qualifying applicants.

    We will make sure to consider & potentially incorporate them into the next phase. Please continue to share ideas; they can only help!



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    Good to know Xavier, thanks! Good luck to all the finalists!

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